Architecture and Design Studio

Ozone Coffee Roasters Emma Street, London

Completed 2019
The third site for our good friends Ozone Coffee Roasters. This time a Roasterie, Cafe, offices and Training facilities. We wanted to link the aesthetic of this site close to the Auckland Roasterie, both big industrial spaces.  Once again we used a very distilled utilitarian palette, Birch Ply, Stainless and Galvanised steel and Concrete. The materials are used in a very honest and simple way. The detailing is carefully honed down to the bare essentials so that the materials flow seamlessly. The immensely long stainless steel bar appears as one enormous sheet of 5mm thick steel with all functions worked into 1 piece. The booths fold in and out of each other and the wall like a plywood ribbon. The lights fly around the ceiling on long rails. We used 1 emerald green colour to punctuate the nude tones, which stemmed from the amazing recycled chairs and bar stools used throughout which were made from old Norwegian fishing nets. The bespoke fonts were specially made, powder coated and with turned oak handles to match the coffee machine. Upstairs in the offices, we introduced 1 more very functional material, polycarbonate screens. This material allowed the light to flow between all the rooms in with a beautiful soft wash.